Coventry & Warwickshire's dedicated 5 star rated Home Sports Massage Treatments, Mobile Deep Tissue Massage, low level Osteopathic techniques and Home Personal Training for treatment of  muscle pain, injuries & your Fitness.

Our Mobile Massage and Fitness Services

We offer a wide range of mobile massage therapies and personal training services to meet every type of fitness demands.

Sports Massage treatment

Specialist Home Sports Therapy uses advanced techniques like Sports Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue massage, joint manipulation & corrective posture exercises to treat your painful conditions. Don't suffer with problem muscles in your neck, back, shoulders  or legs any more.

Personal Training session

Gaining the best for your fitness you need specialist Personal Training; detailed   exercises and specific training plans to fit your goals. Richard has the experience and expertise to design, and plan the most engaging fun Personal Training experience using his expansive knowledge of fitness training

Cycle Coaching

Simple and effective to follow cycle training plans, personal 1 on 1 or group cycle coaching session; all aimed at the serious sportive rider.

Fitness Pro  DNA

The ultimate fitness package to help you gain the results you want: Based on your own genetic DNA gaining you the most clear detailed way to your training.

Why people believe in us

Mark Wood
“In the short time Richard has been working on the injuries I have some incredible improvement in my training. I can't recommend him enough for his excellent work.”
Mark Wood, Polar Explorer
Apache Brave client reviews
“I had a recurring shoulder injury where I could hardly drive or sleep and was in constant pain.  In one session at home Richard gave me a deep massage and after a week I was back to new. This guy is AMAZING ! Thank you Richard Definitely recommended.”
Ian, Runner
Apache Brave client reviews
“Richard provided great massage therapy following my slipped disc. His diagnosis of the problem was far more in depth than my doctor or a chiropractor, both of whom left me in more pain. I have since recommended Richard's expert service to friends who have also received great treatment from him.” 
Claire, non-sports person
Apache Brave client reviews
“I have been following Richards National 3 peaks training program for 16 weeks and have noticed a huge improvement in my cardio, stamina and endurance. Richard has responded very quickly to any questions I've raised. This guy knows his stuff and I feel positive im going to conquer the 3 peaks. Thanks for all your help. ”
Bretton, Trail Runner

About Us

Sports Therapist Richard Watson

Richard Watson: Sports Therapist

Richard Watson is qualified in many advanced technical skills including Sports Massage Therapy, joint manipulation and personal training to name a few. Richard has worked with international athletes providing his valuable sports massage skill and fitness knowledge to help them succeed in their achievements.

Richard has studied at universities which include Oxford, Warwick and Loughborough plus  many sports colleges.
Read more about Richard Watson

Find the fitness service plan for you



Perfect for relieving muscle tension and injuries
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Personal Training


Perfect for improving your health and fitness
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Cycle Coaching


Perfect for sportive riders
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Fitness DNA Pro


Perfect for gaining the most benefit for your fitness training
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In The Zone

By richard watson 24 Aug, 2017

What if we told you that top athletes suffer from the same thing as you do? Inflammation happens to everyone; it is part of our body’s natural response to training and damaged tissues and also plays a role in the immune system response. With modern day advances in sport science we are now able to see just how much inflammation you’re likely to feel from a strenuous bout of activity through the analysis of your genes.


A DNA Kit test will look at four genetic inflammatory markers - IL6, IL6R, CRP and TNF. Variations in these genes give us a clue if you are predisposed to suffer significantly higher levels or slightly lower levels of inflammation. Knowing your predisposition of this biological phenomenon can make big alteration to your training and even more so to your recovery strategies which dictate your training schedule and ultimately your goals.


Acute inflammation is important for healing; however excessive inflammation can result in prolonged feelings of soreness, tenderness, swelling, and also in a loss of function (reduces ROM or range of motion) and could even result in allergies and chronic diseases. There are various strategies that can be used to help decrease acute and chronic inflammation like sports massage therapy , but for the purpose of today's blog we will be looking at foods that can help in the role of decreasing inflammation in our body:

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