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Achieve a 25, 50 or 100 mile sportive training plan with ease, we have teamed up with a fully qualified Cycling Coach that will enable you to reach your cycling potential. Cycling seems easy when we were children, but life can get in the way and we loose our fitness over time.

Signing up to our cycling Sportive training plans that are dedicated to fit around your lifestyle and events are the perfect way to regain your fitness and accomplish any cycling event you have in mind. No matter what level you are you will benefit from a cycle Sportive training plan whether you just want to complete a short or epic sportive ride, we look after you.

What is cycle coaching about?

It’s about getting the best out of you and your bike. Having our planned cycle training programme will enable you to ride harder and faster, become more fluid on your bike, developing confidence in sportive rides. It’s also about enjoying your cycling more.

You can spend a lot of money on bike equipment, a good road bike can set you back thousands, then you have the shoes, helmets, clothes etc.. but you also need to consider investing time and a little money on yourself.
It doesn’t matter if you’re not that serious about winning races or performing personal bests during every race, you may only ride in sportive events and go on leisurely Sunday rides, you may just want to cycle up hills easier. It's about making it easier for you to ride without getting tired too quickly and enjoy your cycling hobby. Having a cycling sportive training plan that has been designed by a our cycle coach and bespoke to your needs will help you achieve your cycling goals.

Basic Cycle Training Plan includes section from:

•    Off the bike
•    On the bike
•    In the mind
•    emails for feedback

Other plans are available that might suit your needs. All plans are designed bespoke to your goals, work and your lifestyle. They are designed with you in mind.

Cycle Coaching Plans

All plans carry an extra one time set-up fee of £30 on top of the program cost.

You can add off the bike fitness plans to your Cycle coaching program. When emailing us please state as much details as possible and when you want your package to start
Cycle Coached Plans

12 month plan - £840 (£70 per month)
   8 month plan - £640 (£80 per month)
   4 month plan - £360 (£90 per month)
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Getting a cycle fitness test will benefit you for the forthcoming season.

Session will include several tests:

•    Ramp test, T max test, Threshold Test
•    Bike fit; to help with correct fit and position on your race bike.
•    Core test; Postural and core analysis

You will require your road bike. Food, drink, & a change of kit. Have several easy days before the test to allow for your best results.

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