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Personal Training in the Home

If you are looking to lose weight, get fit for an event, recovering from an injury or just enjoy being trained by a professional that can motivate you along the way then you need our Personal Trainer & specialized sports coaching service. Working with a Personal Trainer can really help you achieve your personal fitness goals. The personal Trainer will design you a fully customized fitness workout based on your ability and fitness, that will be both fun and engaging. Fitness training plans can come in a variety of training systems i.e. circuit training, interval sessions, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength and conditioning workouts and much more.

Please see Sports Coaching and Personal Training Workouts for more details

Benefiting from Personal Training

Our Personal Training will be progressive to enable you to push yourself harder each time, your personal trainer will help you condition your muscles which in turn gains you the ability to develop and become stronger.

Your Personal Trainer has a variety of equipment at hand which makes each training session fun and rewarding, your trainer will bring any equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will be able to add any equipment you already have in to the workout session.

The E-Plan; If you don't need a trainer to work with but still need a fitness workout programme, we have the answer. Once we know your fitness requirements we will design you a fitness workout programme that you can work to on your own whether that's at your local gym or at  home. All plans are emailed to you and are easy to follow, some plans will even have video's to help you understand the exercises. We also have a dedicated YouTube channel which will give a brief description of your workout or exercise. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals.
Personal Training Services
  • 1 on 1 personal training in the home or park
  • Bespoke fitness plan to workout on your own
  • Team or Personal Fitness Testing
  • Couples or Small Group Training
Your Training Session

All face to face initial session will include a case history and a small workout, and will take 40 - 60 minutes depending on the workout plan.

Personal Training sessions can be performed at your home or in a public place i.e. park, sports hall, running track. We provide all our own equipment if needed, we currently do not work from any gym's.

Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching

We offer personal coaching in various sports; this enables you to improve your performance in your desired sport or hobby. We design bespoke training plans that are suited to your sport and are ideal if you are returning back to the sport or after an injury, starting a new sport or need detailed fitness plans to help you complete your sporting event or fitness and weight goals.
Sports we currently cover

Adventure Racing

Personal Training Workouts

All our Personal Training plans and sports coaching can be based on any of the training plans listed below, they may contains aspects of different training styles or your fitness session may be based wholly  on one style of training, this helps to keep you engaged and challenged while helping you achieve your personal fitness goals.

Personal Training Workouts

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