We know saving money and time is very important in this day and age, that is why we have collected the best deals from the web to aid and help you in your fitness goals and sporting achievements. We have sourced the top suppliers of nutrition, fitness equipment and technology, plus some other deals that we think are worth a good look at.

From time to time we receive special offers and discount codes which will help you save even more money on these great products, just copy and paste the discount codes and add them when you shop at these retailers. Click on any of the banners to visit that retailer.
Nutrition Brands
THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is an innovative and completely original sports nutrition brand that is committed to offering a superior level of products and service for their customers. They innovate, formulate and manufacture in-house to ensure exceptional quality, constant innovation and most importantly, lower prices for their customers. offers premium quality supplements at unbeatable direct prices. With a massive range of over 350 products and its reassuring price guarantee, customers can shop with confidence for all their health and nutrition needs. Key product lines include whey protein, vitamins, amino acids, fish oils, herb extracts, protein foods and snacks, gym accessories, clothing and many more.
One of Europe's leading distributors of sports supplements, bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition products.

They are fast becoming one of the most recognizable retailers in this highly competitive sector due to their superior product knowledge, extensive product range and unique approach.
Cycling Brands
ProBikeKit has grown 10 times over into a leading global online retailer of high end road cycling equipment and apparel. PBK is considered one of the most respected names in the biking industry. With a dedicated workforce of riders and industry experts, PBK are the leading authority in road cycling online retail. We stock some of the best cycle clothing, equipment and components in the world. Our global reach and sales volumes means we work with the best brands in the industry including Shimano, Campagnolo, Craft, Castelli, Michelin and Sidi.
Wiggle has 10 years online bike parts and accessories trading and a deep history and passion for cycling, it's no wonder they are the UK's #1 online cycle shop. Wiggle expertise lies in offering incredible deals on a superb range of top quality mountain bikes, road bikes, bike parts and cycle accessories to buy, available with free delivery or their same day priority dispatch. 
Merlin Cycles are one the UK's longest established Online Bike Shop and mail order specialist in operation today. Established in 1992 Merlin quickly became one of the best known sources for all the top quality mountain bike equipment and more recently road bike equipment from the most respected manufacturer's at the most competitive prices.
Fitness Brands
Currys is a leading electrical retailer in the UK with over 300 super stores and over 160 Currys Digital stores on the high street.  With over 6000 products, with ranges including Audio, Computing, Gaming,  Photography, TV and Fitness equipment to name just a few, you are sure to find exactly what you are look for. 
myvitamins offers premium quality vitamins, minerals and extracts direct to the door with free delivery available on every order. With a range of over 40 specially designed products targeting women, men and kids you can shop with confidence for all your health, vitality and wellbeing requirements. Key product ranges include fish oils, vitamins & minerals, vitality and weight loss, whilst also offering niche products specific to bone & joint health.
66fit Limited are the UK's leading supplier of fitness and rehabilitation equipment to the public
Outdoors & Travel
With 50 UK mega stores, they are the UK's largest outdoors retailer of camping and outdoor gear. Their discount card offers a range of benefits and their eye popping (branded as well as exclusive) range grows every year. Most importantly they offer this: Up to 65% off the retail price on everything
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