Personal Training

Personal Training to Suit You

Your Mobile Personal Trainer will design you a fully customized fitness workout based on your ability and fitness that will be both fun and engaging.

Fitness training plans can come in a variety of goals from weight loss, building muscle, toning up, cycling plans or bespoke to you.

Apache Brave Personal Training Services

We offer a wide range of Personal Training and Cycle Coaching services to meet your needs.

Home Personal Training Service

Looking for the ultimate Personal Training Package: do you want to lose weight, get fit, recover from an injury or just enjoy being trained by a professional that can motivate you all the way, then you need our Personal Trainer Package.

Fitness Pro DNA

The ultimate fitness package: Personal Training based on your own genetics. A simple DNA test followed by your own report guiding you towards our ultimate fitness training and nutritional plans.

Cycle Coaching for you

We offer personal cycle coaching: this enables you to improve your performance and cycling technique. We design cycle training plans that are suited to your lifestyle and are ideal if you are training for a sportive. We also offer one on one cycle training and group cycle coaching.

Nutritional advice

Looking for some basic help for your nutritional needs, wanting to lose weight or bulk up muscle: Check out our helpful nutritional plans, sport specific nutritional guides, and some taste meal recipes.

Richard Watson

Personal Trainer

Your Personal Trainer Richard Watson has gained many advance fitness training skills which enable Richard to design fun and engaging fitness training workouts that benefit his clients; which helps them to reach their personal fitness goals. Richard has been involved in the fitness industry for over 27 years where he has discovered many technical personal training systems that he now applies to his workouts.

Personal Training to Suit Your Lifestyle

We provide great Personal Training Plans

Personal Training

Our Home Personal Training sessions will be progressive to enable you to push yourself during each workout, your Apache Brave personal trainer will start by helping you condition your muscles which in turn gains you the ability to develop, become stronger and get the best workouts you can to achieve your goals.
Your Home Personal Trainer has a variety of equipment at hand which makes each training session fun and rewarding, your trainer will bring any equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will be able to combine any equipment you already have in to your workout session to give you the best 1 to 1 personal training experience.
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Online Fitness Plans

Online Personal Trainer E-Plan: need online personal fitness workout program?  We have many ready made fitness plans for you to purchase or if you're looking for something more to your personal fitness we will design you a fitness workout program that you can workout to.
Fitness Testing
Rehabilitation Exercise Plans
Weight Loss Training Plans
Posture Correction Plans
Female Workout Plans
Bodybuilding Training Plans
and much more
Fitness Workouts To Buy

Cycle Coaching

Cycle Coaching

Cycle Coaching to fit you goals

Want to achieve a 25, 50 or 100 mile sportive training plan with ease: our Cycle Coach Plans will enable you to reach your cycling potential. Gaining a cycling sportive training plan that has been designed by  our cycle coach  will help you achieve your cycling fitness goals and you will be able to ride better and faster.

Why have a cycle coach?

Cycle coaching benefits you in all sorts of ways like: improving your performance, climbing hills faster, better bike handling skills,  group cycle riding, become more fluid on your bike, developing confidence in sportive rides and more.

The Personal Cycling Coach Touch

Benefit with 1 on1 or group cycle training with our Cycling Tour packages; train in the off season with our winter cycle training plans; or train for your sportive event with a targeted sportive training  plan.

Become a better cyclist.

Signing up to our cycling Sportive training plans that are dedicated to fit around your lifestyle and events are the perfect way to regain your fitness and accomplish any cycling event you have in mind. No matter what level you are you will benefit from a cycle Sportive training plan whether you just want to complete a short or epic sportive ride, we have a training plan for you.
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Fitness Pro DNA

Putting the power of your personal genetics in your hands: helping you reach your fitness and nutrition goals on the most personal level possible. Guided by a simple saliva swab, you get a truly personalized solution to unlock you, but better. With the  DNAFit we supply you with: you can be on a mission to change your fitness and nutrition, one genome at a time.
Your DNAFIT kit

Why have Fitness Pro DNA?

Your DNA can reveal everything from your response to power or endurance exercise and recovery, to a detailed breakdown of your macro and micronutrient needs. With an easy to understand report which can unlock a new world of personalized information in both your fitness and nutrition.

Your Own Fitness and Nutrition Guide

With Our Fitness Pro package will you receive ALL of our fitness and nutrition markers to give you the most in-depth picture of your exercise and diet genetics possible, but you’ll also receive your personal genetic infographic, a one-stop window into your fitness and nutrition genetics personalized to your results.

Your Fitness Pro Results

Once you have your Fitness Pro DNA results: you can then choose whether you want to upgrade to our Personal Training  fitness training plans based on your own DNA Fit results.
What gets tested in your Fitness Pro DNA
  • Diet Type Recommendation
  • Carbohydrate Response
  • Saturated Fat Response
  • Lactose Tolerance
  • Detoxification Genetics
  • Anti-Oxidant & Omega-3 Need
  • Vitamin B &  D Need
  • Alcohol & Caffeine Sensitivity
  • Salt Sensitivity
  • Power/Endurance Response
  • Sports Injury Resilience
  • Recovery Speed & Nutrition Needs
  • Aerobic (Vo2 Max) Potential

Taking the next step with your fitness

More Info On Fitness DNA
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